How/Where are you running Part 2?

I wish to run and experiment with the notebooks of the part 2 of the course. Ideally I love to run stuff locally as it enables me to learn more but it seems that my laptop with its 1070 GPU isn’t enough to run the notebooks.
So I would like to knows how are you fellow students running the course?
Thank you

You can try reducing the batch size to be smaller than the lecture ones. If you are just starting, then you can just start with CPU only (not that bad) to get going quickly on the topics first. Another option is to try to run it on Google Collab.
Example Collab Notebook With GPU
Example Collab Notebook With CPU Only

To start locally, you can clone the course repo to your local Course Repo and start creating a practice notebook copy for each lecture notebook and work on it.

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Thank you!