How to work fast with files on Google drive?

From my experience Google drive is so slow when I am trying to work with thousand of small files for training.

I have a problem, I somehow mistakenly created 50 thousands small text files in my main Google drive directory and now I want to delete all of them. How can I do it?
Google web UI for Google drive ( is frustrating slow when you need to work with a lot of files.

Does anyone knows a good alternative interface to work with Google drive?

Hi @vladgets,
I did exactly that a few weeks ago
while working in colab.
You can mount your Google drive
to your colab data directory

from colab import drive 

and run

! rm -rf /content/gdrive/path/to/your/directory 

Be careful to point to the correct directory.

Best regards,

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Thank you!
I just forgot that I can use Linux commands in this way.
Stupidly spent 3 hours by manually selecting and deleting files through Google drive slow UI interface.