How to use quote post feature of the forum

May i Know how to use the quote post feature of the forum .

For eg in the below post jeremy quotes the post of another user (rodgzilla).
The up arrow in the right hand side points directly to rodgzilla’s corresponding post.
It helps to have continuity on that thread of the topic…


found the answer. posting it hope it helps others too.

To generate a quoted post of another user. go to that post. select the lines of that post you want to quote
and then press reply… it generates your reply with a quoted post…

If somebody else wants to go that post, press the up arrow button in the right hand side of the quoted post. It shall automatically take to you to the original quoted post


One other very useful feature of the forums is bookmarking :slight_smile: I didn’t realize it existed until someone posted about it.

At the bottom of a post you can click the three dots and click on the bookmark icon. Then when you want to go back to it, just click on your profile picture in the upper right hand corner and click on the little bookmark there :slight_smile:

I find it super handy especially for accessing wikis for classes on mobile.


bookmarking is a cool feature… thanks @radek

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This is a very good suggestion. Bookmarking wikis right away! :slight_smile:

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Just a note. This is a discourse based forum. If you have any questions related to the forums itself, googling with discourse keyword will help.