How to upload my data to paperspace machine


I was trying to upload another images, not cats and dogs, as suggested in the 1st lesson. I open ssh session using PuTTY PSFTP(transfer protocol). When I try to do something with remote files there is an error: ‘local: unable to open dogscats’.

Can somebody make a short guide: how to transfer your own dataset to paperspace machine?

Btw, nice to see you all. Hello, deep learning world!

Use rsync. The following links might be helpful:


  2. To copy from remote to local :

You can upload them to gdrive and then just download on your Paperspace…
It would be much easier or directly download images on your Paperspace using someones GitHub project

I finally did it with Github repo - pushed images and cloned a repo from the terminal. I feel it is not the right way, but for now I just want to move further. Thank you all!