How to update favicon and logo for nbdev?

How to update favicon and logo for nbdev? I have search the forum, it looks like for fastpages the favicon is just included in the images/, but for nbdev projects it is structured differently.

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To modify any of the styles, you should adjust it in docs/assets, and have it mimic the fastai nbdev Jekyll template. For an example, see how I customized one of our work repos here: lib2nbdev/docs/assets at main · Novetta/lib2nbdev · GitHub

And for fastai’s template, see the nbdev-Jekyll-template: GitHub - fastai/nbdev-jekyll-theme

As another example that’s a bit more complex, see Walk with fastai where I added favicons and custom css: at master · walkwithfastai/ · GitHub

If you don’t have this folder, just make it yourself. Jekyll will automatically see that and run with what you’ve overridden in there

Great question :slight_smile:


Awesome, I will give it a try.