How to track page views in fastpages

Following up on this twitter thread

Q: Is there a way to track page views in fastpages

A: yes

  1. Setup Google Analytics. Create a new “property” per the instructions and get a tracking code for your site.

  2. Add the tracking code to config.yml

  1. You have to wait 24 hours in most cases to get metrics, but some are immediately available. You can see total sessions

You can also see views by page


I am not that familiar with Google Analytics, and don’t know anything more than what I posted above. The best place to get further help on Google Analytics is to consult the docs. You can also try posting in this forum to see if anyone can help.

You will have to be on fastpages version 2.1.10 or higher for this to work. You can check your version in _fastpages_docs/version.txt. If you don’t have this file, means your version is too old.