How to switch to course-v3 when running locally?

I just started a two weeks ago and I am running on Windows 10. I successfully downloaded and installed the fastai repo onto my machine, installed conda etc.

Now I want to switch to v3. I pulled the latest changes to the fastai repo. However it appears the v3 course is on it’s own repo at course-v3? Can I just pull that repo and move the nbs/dl1 directory to my fastai/courses/ directory?

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I havent tried it yet, but i believe the notebook files have changed a lot due to working with fastai 1.0, so moving the old course files won’t work.

Having this issue as well on my paperspace machine. Not sure how to update since git pull isn’t linked to the v3 repo.

instead of updating your conda environment you should create a new conda environment :
and follow the instructions for installing the new fastai version.

I also checkout course-v3 to a folder parallel to fastai. i may be necessary to point the symbolic linked fastai i course-vs folder to the new fastai

Ah i got it. I just went to my home directory (above the old fastai) and did a git clone of the courses-v3 repo.

In terminal type the following:
Git clone
cd course-v3

Hi @abduissa, can i ask, did you already have a clone of fastai/fastai then created a clone inside fastai (a clone inside of a clone)? ty

Yes that’s exactly how I did it. Clone inside a clone. I just git pull both periodically. Have noticed that the course-v3 one doesn’t need a git pull as often as the fastai clone.

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ty, super helpful!