How to study

Please, family, I need your advice on how to study. Am having an issue with recollecting things. I read allot but i tend to forget things allot. like the maths topic I study hard last session in school, have forgotten most of it but I still have intuition has to how it is,
How do I correct this, since is also affecting my personal study such as deep learning, concept i know, with time I forget them. Pls i really need ur help

Are you putting what you learn into practice ? That will help make the important stuff stick. Answering other people’s questions is also a good way to build your own understanding.

Also, is it really necessary to recollect everything if you understand the concepts ? It is always easy to look things up when you need to.

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To make it stick, the most “plain” but not-so-fun way is to recreate the course material totally by yourself. Write the code, do the code analysis without any help or any resource. And see if you can do it. If you can’t, go back to that concept you have trouble with and work through it.

Edit: If you have any projects to work on, that’s best. Also, repetition is important, too.

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thanks, have tried it out before but the fact is, i do get the concept very well, that i do teach it to people, but after sometimes has week pass, i binging to forget them. But i think repetition matters
thanks again.

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No problem.

Just for your information if you don’t mind, I recently came across a tool called Cerego. It’s an app that stores your various learning materials and help you review them in time. It visually tells you how well you remember your materials, too.

So far, it works for me. I use it to do my daily review session. Don’t have to worry about what to review or when to review things anymore. It doesn’t have a price so far so I guess it’s still free and I’m still using it. Try it out if you are interested.

So, hope it helps.

Edit: Quizlet is also good.

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