How to simulate the potential collapse of the artificial/urban ecosystem

Hey all,
I am worried about the post-coronavirus ecosystem.
I don’t know if this is the right forum; I was just searching for covid-19 datasets and I found here.
If this is not the right place please ignore.

I want to simulate the ecosystem changes because of humanity’s recent instant behavior change.

We have created a leftover/pollution addict ecosystem. and now we are cutting of the drug of this drug addict ecosystem instantly.

Some people are mentioning one of the good side effects of corona virus is the environment is getting cleaner while we are not going outside.

Is that really so?

We have already seen some early signals like this.

So it is likely many street animals/insects/flies/bees will die because of our instant behavior change.

Then what? what are the potential chain effects of this change?

For example should we expect a sharp population drop of insects?

What will happen when we are back to the streets?

Maybe I am paranoid but I am worried about this.

I searched for related research/articles etc but all I found was about the effect of urbanization on the ecosystem but these studies are about the urbanization that happened in 10s of years. Now we changed our behavior in months.

Anyone aware of any related work?
Or any dataset about relationship between insect population, animal population and people?