How to set nbdev version for Github CI

I pushed a new commit for a project I built off nbdev 1.0. During Github CI, github installed nbdev=2.0.7 and failed to read notebooks with nbdev_read_nbs: command not found.

How can I set github CI to install a previous version of nbdev? I have dev_requirements = nbdev=1.14 in settings.ini, but that isn’t doing the trick

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Have a look at the migration guide that Jeremy put together :slight_smile: Migrating from nbdev1 to nbdev2

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In a perfect world, we would all keep our projects running on the latest version of everything. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

For anyone dealing with this, you need to set the nbdev version in .github/workflows/main.yml. For my deployment, I had to set pip install jinja2==3.0.3 fastcore==1.3.20 nbdev==1.1.14 jupyter to get things working. The version numbers for jinja, fastcore and nbdev were based on the versions on my local environment and worked for me.