How to run VS Code (codeserver) on Google Colab / Kaggle / Anywhere

Just saw this video from Abhishek Thakur (4x Kaggle Grandmaster) about how to install a remote VS Code server onto Google Collab, or Kaggle Notebooks, or practically any notebook environment.

Full instructions here:

I tried it and was blown away. It’s basically a remote VSCode IDE with terminal.

And you can mount your Google Drive as well to easily back up files / access datasets, etc.

Very impressive.

Wasn’t sure whether this was the correct forum category to post in, but thought it might be useful to people who don’t have their own hardware or easy access to a GPU development environment, where they need a bit more power than a Jupyter notebook environment offers.

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Thanks, We already have a couple of posts from when the course started, for accessing Colab with VSCode as well as Jupyterlab notebooks.

With latest version of code server though, I wasn’t able to render ipynb files directly. Had to convert to python file then use it, which defeats the purpose of having the lessons as Jupyter notebooks.