How to run notebooks on AWS even if my computer is shutdown?

I am using AWS . I would like to run my jupyter notebooks even after I shutdown my local computer. Is it possible to do so?

For eg.
My internet connection went down and it restored back after a few minutes.
But when I go to Kernel->Reconnect in my jupyter notebook it does not get reconnected…
It continuously displays “Connecting to Kernel” message…

I don’t know of any easy solution but there is a nice alternative. You could convert the notebook to a python file and then use screen to open a new terminal session. Then you could run the python file using ipython and exit aws.

When you reconnect to aws you can resume the relevant screen and you can see the ipython session running.

To be more specific on the usage of screen. To start a new screen session use

screen -S some_screen_name
Activate the conda environment. Start ipython. Do run
Press ctrl-a d to detach the screen.

Now you can easily disconnect from the aws server. Once you reconnect do
screen -r some_screen_name

And voila you have the ipython session still running.

The same thing could be applied to jupyter notebook as well for the jupyter token etc. However for reconnecting the kernel, I am not aware of any easy solution.

thanks Arka. would try your method