How to review images for bad classifications

I built a simple classification net with the fastai v1 library. Now I’d like to see which images from the validation set are not detected correctly.

Here is (part of) my code:

tfms = get_transforms(max_rotate=5)
data = ImageDataBunch.from_folder(path, bs=64, ds_tfms=tfms, size=(130, 255), )
# ...
preds, y = learn.get_preds(DatasetType.Valid)
bad_predictions = []
for i, (pred, gt_class) in enumerate(zip(preds, y)):
    pred_probability, predicted_class = torch.topk(pred, 1)
    is_correct = (predicted_class == gt_class)
    if is_correct:
    bad_predictions.append((i, predicted_class, pred_probability))

ds_idx, predicted_class, probability = bad_predictions[0]
img, label = data.train_ds[ds_idx]
# UPDATE 2019-04-18: The line above contains the bug as sgugger
# pointed out. Fixed version:
# img, label = data.valid_ds[ds_idx]

All seems well I can see an image.

When I try prediction on that image however the net classifies the image correctly:

category, tensor, probability = learn.predict(img)

So I assume something is wrong (prediction with the same image should be reproducible). Most likely “ds_idx” does not work. As you can see I used some random rotation for data augmentation. Is that reflected in data.train_ds[ds_idx]?

How can I get the images which were badly classified?


You are asking the predictions on the validation set then taking the image in the training set, that might explain the discrepancy.

Of course it does. Thank you.

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