How to read the net structure build by fastai

Hi friends,
I am studying the 5th chapter “pet breeds”, I followed the book and build a learn based on resnet34.
the prediction by this learn give us a result with shape of (1,37) for each item. i am wondering how it gots the result. like having a weight of (n,37) for the last layer or what? I think if i can read the structure of this learn, it will be very helpful. can anybody help to know how to read structure of netlayer? thank you very much.

Did you mean “learn.summary()”?
This gives you something akin to this one
Where my net is just for regression on one value.

Since yours is a classifier for 37 different breeds, I would expect your layer to be something akin to
Softmax […]x37

Alternatively you can also go the learn.model() way which yields something like
for me, so in your case something like
Softmax(in_features=[…], out_features=37)

thank you very much.
the first way ‘learn.summary()’ works for me. it is clear what the model is doing.

however, the second way ‘learn.model()’ raise an error that this.

try just learn.model no parenthesis