How to push course nbs to ec2 using git bash?

I am on Windows 10 and successfully used git bash cli to set up my EC2 instance (Cygwin was having issues with Python/PATH so I abandoned it). I was also able to clone the course git repository to get all course notebooks. However, I am currently unable to push those course files up into EC2 from my local drive. Is there a command line method, using git bash, for pushing the course files into my EC2 instance? I have tried – but have been unable to – successfully use the .pem/.ppk key from the initial creation of the ec2 instance that would allow me to do the transfer via Win SCP, so I was wondering if I could get around that step and just use git bash. Thank you!

@hlea01 : For Transferring files from your local machine to EC2:

Method 1 : When you are using Jupyter Notebook you can always upload files choosing the upload option

Method 2 : Setup your own repository on github, push your local files into that repository and pull the same from EC2 Command line (After SSH)

I haven’t personally tried using WinSCP. But it will work fine if you have set Security Group accordingly (Check whether Corresponding port is allowed to communicate with your instance).

Hope it Helps


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Method 1 worked perfectly, and I will test out Method 2, since that seem like a better practice going forward. Thank you!