How to make sure GPU is utilized 100% on fastaiv2(pytorch) windows

So, I created the segmentation data using Unity3D & then training using fastai v2. The problem I was facing is although torch.cuda.device(0) always show me that I have 2080ti as GPU but while training it I can’t get GPU utilisation to pass 50%. Like GPU utilisation is always 47-50% or close to that. Whereas CPU is always peaking up & all the 16-thread seems to be utilized in parallel

nvidia-smi also doesn’t get past 47% is it that slow on 2080Ti or I’m doing something wrong? Even after forcing msi-afterburner to 100% power consumption it only got me from 47% to 50%

here’s a video training live:
here’s my ipynb file:

You can see yourself like every epoch takes like 1:35 on average. Should it not be faster than that?

I think on windows you can’t get always %100 gpu use because you have to use 0 workers due to pytorch on windows. So, preparing batch slows down the training and gpu usage. You may try to increase the batch size too.

ok I’ll look into increasing batch size. Thanks