How to load data from your computer into a databunch file using google colab?

My images are stored on my laptop. There is a main folder inside which of there are 4 folders which contain images corresponding to different classes.How to load them into a databunch file using google colab?

you have a few options. You can upload the folders to your google drive and work out of that, or zip them all together, upload the zip to google colab, unzip, and work that way. Both will reach the same goal of getting the data available to you.



You can do the following:

  1. open the side menu on the left,

    2)In there go to the Files sub-menu.
  2. Right click on the folder you want to upload to and click on upload
  3. Then you can create ImageDataBunch by calling ImageDataBunch.from_folder method
    Look up the docs for more info.

Keep in mind that these files will be removed once the session is destroyed



hello,I faced the same problem these 2 days.I found that it didn’t work for me to upload file through the side menu of colab,I still can’t use the file.
Finally,I upload the file through the google cloud driver mainpage,and then I need to load the google driver with code below:
from google.colab import drive
after the authorization process,I can use the file in colab.
Hope it will be helpful