How to load a Base64 encoded Image?

I have a string that is a Base64 encoded image. How do I load it as a fastai Image object?

Hi Vishal

If you already have the string encoded as a Base64 image, then

import io
import base64
from import *

image_bytes = io.BytesIO(base64.b64decode(image_encoded_as_string))
image = open_image(image_bytes)  #this method comes from

If you want read your image in grayscale, don’t forget pass the keyword convert_mode='L' to open_image

good luck

Thank you

@edxz7, I know this is an old post, but is that method for Base64 images like this ... or images without the data:image/jpeg;base64 part? If so, how do I remove it? Currently, I am using a PIL image like this:

   b = b'...'
   z = b[b.find(b'/9'):]
   im ='result.jpg')

Can I use that somehow? Sorry to bother you! Thanks in advance for any help!