How to list my objects in memory?

Hi all,

I hate to ask such a dumb question,
but I’ve been searching for a concise answer
for a good hour now.

After running some code, my
GPU’s memory is full.

On this pytorch thread, they discuss how to free up memory.

Check GPU memory using nvidia-smi

del a

Check GPU memory again using nvidia-smi


However, in Python, how can I list all
my objects in memory that I’ve created, and
ideally, their size?

Without poking through my code?

Similar to ls for files on linux.
Or, ls() in R.

Thanks a lot

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I’d love to find out if there is an answer to this, but my bet is this won’t be easy or concise (I haven’t seen a solution myself). It’s definitely not a dumb question :slight_smile: Maybe check out pytorch profiler?

Have you tried this link from the pytorch forums?

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