How to integrate fastai library on Kaggle kernels?

(Prince Grover) #1

@jeremy How can we integrate jupyter notebooks with fastai library on kaggle kernels, since we need to ‘source activate fastai’ to work on that. How can this be done for kaggle kernel?

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #3

I’m not sure it can - but the stuff from fastai.structured doesn’t really have any dependencies AFAIK, so you can probably just paste the functions you need into the kernel (just be sure to credit their source, of course).

(Prince Grover) #4

Ok. Thanks. I will try that.

For now, I just uploaded the notebook on github and shared github link on the kernal with summary about it. Found it a lot easier.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #5

Yeah I saw that - since you’re using the full library, that’s probably all you can do for now.