How to freeze my AWS account?


I will not be using my account for a few months and I would like to avoid to keep paying the bill (note that there are charges even if one does not use it.)

I guess an option is to close my account. Is there a “freezing option” to keep my account?

I think the only payment ongoing is for storage? So delete your volumes and snapshots. Oh and your elastic IPs.

Re create them using the Ami again?

Dear Jeremy,

I just did these three things. On the other hand, if I go to “Billing & Cost Management Dashboard”, the forecast for February is 44.74$. I guess it is too late to avoid paying February?

Thanks for your help!

@mencia If your monthly bill is 44.74 it’s very likely that you still have instances running, or at least some services associated with instances like ips or gateways.

First thing to do would be to go into your EC2 tab and make sure all of your instances there are stopped.

Dear Even,

thanks for your reply. All my instances are stopped. In my EC2 Dashboard, in Resources, it says that the only resources I am using are: 1 Key Pairs, 7 Security Groups. Should I delete these? Still, the forecast for February today, is 23$.

The storages is what we need to delete

Can you be more concrete, i.e. tell me exactly what to delete? I am not sure what you mean by storages.

To stop all charges, on your EC2 dashboard it should say 0 instances running and 0 volumes. The EC2 dashboard is per region. If you have services running on a separate region, you have to go to the dashboard for that region to see them.

You can also view everything you are being charged for from the billing page. Go to this page find what you are being charged for and stop each service.

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The storage is the hard drive which is attached to the EC2 instances…
If you don’t need them, just delete them and then delete the instances as well of all the region’s…