How to explain all the techniques used during training for segmentation task?

Hey! I used the the code given in cam-vid example as a base to train a model for my own dataset. Now that I am writing an academic paper on this I needed to know how to cite all the techniques which have been used during training ,especially the different type upsampling technique that has been used: Pixelshuffle ICNR, along with more general techniques such as Lr finding, discriminative learning rates, one cycle fitting etc. As there are quite a lot of them, is there a compiled reference list for all those techniques? Would it work if I just cited fastai and considered all those techniques as a part of fastai library only?

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There isn’t a compiled reference, sorry - but I think it would be best to cite both fastai and the individual techniques. If you do create such a reference list please share it here! :slight_smile:

Sure! I am compiling a reference list for whatever techniques that are used in segmentation. I will post it here.