How to expand Confusion Matrix

I am a complete noob. I am trying to identify car types from 57 classes. When I try use the confusion matrix it shows up as a tiny box that is completely unreadable. Is there a way to expand the matrix?

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You can try the plt.figure command just above your plotting command


You can change the numbers to whatever you want.
Another thing that could be helpful is that if you reset the notebook and skip the line %matplotlib inline.
you can then instead use %matplotlib notebook where you can zoom and pan in the plots. But this feature is a bit buggy and need sometimes to be added just above the plot command in every cell where you make a new plot.

I tried adding that line but the only difference it made was to add a size above the matrix…
<Figure size 1440x1800 with 0 Axes>

I changed the inline to … %matplotlib notebook and got this error:
Warning: Cannot change to a different GUI toolkit: notebook. Using tk instead.

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I have tried this now and it seems like you need to pass in the figsize into the plot function.


I don’t understand why the matplotlib notebook command does not work for you.There are others that had the same problem, I think you need to google around a little.


Thanks @dankraf. This solved my problem.

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