How to discover "hidden" params and/or "please fix the docs" (unsolved)

It seems there are a lot of relevant parameters that are not documented in the functions where users are expected to use them. Essentially anything that is captured within kwargs for the ‘high level’ functions for creating databunches, for fitting, etc, is essentially obfuscated in the docs (unless I am reading them wrong)

This makes it difficult for noobs like myself trying to use documentation since I see some code, look up the function and the parameter isn’t listed.

The only way I really see to get past this is reading the code itself?

It would be very, very helpful, if the documented functions also listed their “pass through” parameters, or a list of functions which it passes params to, so I can look at the doc for those functions.

I think it would be even better for the functions that users are using to explicitly set defaults for the passthrough params, as this would also allow code completion from IDEs which seems impossible at this point to capture anything that gets passed on via kwargs

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