How to Debug Binder Deployment

Hi everyone,

I setup my repo and binder deployment following the books instructions (to upload my model to github I used git lfs) but I get a 404 error without further information. I worked on Colab and my OS is unfortunately the work computer (windows).

My app is a simple crocodile vs alligator image classifier hosted here:

Any clues on how to debug binder issues? Has somebody face it before?


Short update - there are the binder logs which basically describe the Docker process running in the background BUT they are of no use if, like in my case, the Docker image builds successfully but the server fails to launch the application. For this reason, I have created an issue on binder repo but if somebody has faced similar issues when deploying let me know.

I managed to deploy my first app with voila, ipywidgets and binder. Find the solution here as I was doing wrong quite a few things :sweat_smile: but the awesome jupyter binder community help me fix it.

If you would like to see my see-you-later-alligator app deployed and use it as an example you can find it here. :partying_face: