How to create aws t2 instance

how do I create an AWS t2 instance for this course?

@sachinw Please read the links at the top of the “Setup problems: AWS” thread, then the comments in the thread, and then if you are still stuck, please post your question (with more detail) there:

I understand we use the p2 instance for this course but as suggested I would like to use the t2 free tier for testing small datasets

I could not find information anywhere in this forum

@sachinmw, I strongly suggest you follow @rachel’s advice. She said to post in the existing thread, which (contrary to your claim), is full of information about using the t2. There’s even a whole thread specifically about the free tier. Click the magnifying class in the top right and search for ‘t2.micro’, or ‘aws t2’, or similar. It’s also explicitly discussed in the lesson videos.

my bad

I found the script to create a t2 instance

excited to be starting the course

Hi Rachel,
I just configured my AWS, but have problems setting up the P2.
After I run:
wget ""
I see a HTML structured text on screen, while I see a txt.file on the instruction video.

After I run:
i get the error messages: line 7: syntax error near unexpected token newline' line 7:'
I think windows is converted the in text-format to HTML-format,
so I tried running dos2unix after wget …
but that didn’t solve the issue.
Do you have any advise? Thanks!

I could remove the HTML by copying the contents of the file in github,
and put it in the home/user directory of cygwin with notepad++.

But when I run it now, this error message pops up. line 6: -export: command not found line 7: +export: command not found line 8: [: =: unary operator expected line 10: [: =: unary operator expected line 12: [: =: unary operator expected
Only us-west-2 (Oregon), eu-west-1 (Ireland), and us-east-1 (Virginia) are currently supported

Hey everyone, just thinking of starting the MOOC. I’m living in India. As a complete noob, I had a couple of questions about the setup part of the MOOC -

  1. In the AWS setup, and have the regions limited to Oregon, Ireland and Virginia. Is there any script which I can use to set up a t2.micro instance in Asia Pacific - Mumbai? is using a t2.micro instance enough for the entirety of the course?

  2. I have a laptop with a GTX 850M( 4 Gb DDR3), 8 GB RAM and a 4th gen i7 laptop processor. Is this setup good enough to finish Part 1 of the course?

I’m also starting the course and I couldn’t really find the script to create a t2.micro instance. Could you share that script here?