How to contribute to fastai2 repo: Found a bug and the fix, now what?

So, found a problem in by running nbdev_test_nbs.

The fix involves adding
from …vision import *
to data/ and adding
from import *
to the lesson 8 notebook.

Question is, now what?
I’m not even sure it is a bug for everybody.
Shall I send in a pull request? Am I even supposed to do that?
How does pull request of a jupyter notebook even work? (beautifully? )

Thanks. If I posted at the wrong place again, please do let me know.

This means that the functions are not in the right order in the notebook. I’ll look at it in the morning. We can’t have the notebook importing the module it’s trying to build.

I’m looking at

In general, is there a centralised location for bug reports?

So I assume that the point
Checkout to new feature branch (this is where new feature/bug-fix should be made)
git checkout -b <enter--relevant-feature-branch-name>

Does not apply here.

Perhaps start with opening a new issue at the github repo, to start the discussion and eventually the pull request of the fix.

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