How to configure Github

how do you set up github for fastai…
i am following this guide and successfully completed step 3. but am stuck at step 4. i am not sure what it means when the guide says you should make sure github is configured and pull from the repository. i have never used github before and want to know if there is a guide to help.

Oh i guess the tutorial takes it as straight-forward that the readers are familiar with git.

You should make sure Github is configured and pull from the repository. You can do this by typing the following lines:

cd tutorials/fastai/course-v3
git checkout .
git pull

If you do not have the directory structure tutorials/fastai you need to create it by:

mkdir ~/tutorials/fastai

then enter it

cd ~/tutorials/fastai

Before you even can work with a course-v3 repo you need to clone it on your machine.

git clone

this will make a local copy of the repo on your machine in directory tutorials/fastai inside your home directory (~/).

The second and third lines of the instructions:

git checkout . # undoes unstaged local modification
git pull # pulls the latest code from the repo

are basically to pull the latest code. If after some period of time you want to update your local code to the latest one from the repo. Assuming that you start from your home directory (get there typing cd ~), you can execute the initial instructions and you will be back on track.

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hi nikolay,
thank you very much.
where do i type the lines
cd tutorials/fastai/course-v3
git checkout .
git pull

do i enter them in the terminal or git bash?
sorry these may seem silly questions. but, i have never used github.
thanks again.

i got it. thanks again for the help.