How to choose kaggle Competitions to join

I’m going through part 1 now and I’d like to attempt to do a couple of competitions using the things I learned about.
But there are some many Kaggle competitions, all over the place. Are there some good ways to narrow the list down and choose the ones that are worth the time to get better and learn faster?


Check this list: Kaggle Competitions
Basically, Kaggle has these competitions called Playground competitions. They’re just for fun and a little bit harder than the Getting Started ones(like “Titanic - Machine Learning from Disaster”). They’re great for people who are new to Kaggle or want to practice a new type of problem without too much pressure.

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Well it depends , initially probably you can take part in the competition every month (the ones without any ranks) and experiment there.
and probably over time you can choose the competitions based on your interest and domain .

If you are a beginner, a good place to start would be the monthly challenges. They contain tabular datasets, are simple and beginner friendly.

If you have some experience, then pick one that piques your interest or a topic you want to learn. Kaggle is often a very underrated resource for learning new techniques