How to change careers and become a data scientist - one quant's experience

@rachel wrote a very interesting post about how to become a data scientist. Let us know if you have any questions, or experiences to share.


A very informative how-to! Love it!

One other course I would like to suggest is a bit of a meta course: Learning how to learn. I read the book that this is based on and found it very helpful - unfortunately school doesn’t prepare us to learn and some of the habits we pick up along the way can be counterproductive or at least are wasted effort (especially if you are going for long term understanding and not only not flunking out on an exam).


I took that Coursera course and highly recommend it! It has great tips on how to maximize one’s learning based on the latest neuroscience.

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Thanks @rachel. This is very informative great tips.

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This is so great! Thanks for sharing Rachel!

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thanks @rachel and @jeremy for sharing …
keep up the good work …