How to annotate huge dataset for object detection?

I have like a hundred thousand images to annotate for object detection. Though each image will have only one object, but it will still take forever if done manually. Can someone please suggest me some way to automate this process or to reduce manual work? I know these kind of techniques exist but don’t know where to learn them from.

There is a ton of tools to do this.
The ones that are automatic are mostly payed.
LabelBox, LabelStudio, AnnotateMe, Spacy, etc…

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Hey, you can check out - Labellerr is an ai-powered and retail-focused data annotation platform. It assists you in building reliable and smart datasets to power your robots with precision and smartness. Labellerr’s machine-learning platform performs 2D & 3D Cuboid Annotations, bounding boxes annotation for Robotics at a much faster pace with accuracy.

You can also hire data annotators from their marketplace. Labellerr, enabling AI in Retail provides high-quality machine learning-assisted data annotations with unbeatable service. Take a free trial to experience the magic of the smartest Data Labeling Platform for Retail - Labellerr

You can reach us at for more info

I have been looking for an online platform for Data Annotation. Actually, I like to build my own dataset for different computer vision tasks. Recently, I discovered an online platform named Labellerr and they actually use AI for Data Annotation. I have also prepared datasets for object detection.

Labellerr provides high-quality data annotation for deep learning which includes Natural Language Processing Models, Computer Vision Models, Audio Data, etc.

Features provided by Labellerr:

  • Multiple Data Import Options: Various options Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Azure File Storage.
  • Confidence Score: Users can monitor the confidence score.
  • Quick Filters for reviewing
  • Users can add remarks
  • Users can save and export reports
  • Image Enhancer for low quality images

Here is the link to the platform: (
Here is a video demonstrating the process of image annotation: Revolutionizing entertainment industry with Labellerr, Automated AI & Data Annotation SAAS platform - YouTube