How to add quarto extensions in nbdev?

In Quarto, I can install a new extension with
quarto install extension quarto-ext/fancy-text.
this will create a folder named _extensions/quarto-ext/fancy-text in my project and just with that I can add extra functionality to my .qmd files.

quarto install don’t seem to work in the root or nbs folders of nbdev. It can work if the installed _extensions is moved to _proc.

But I don’t now how to do it automatically. Is there a way to do it with nbdev config?

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It works for me when I do (cd nbs && quarto install extension quarto-ext/fancy-text) in the nbdev repo itself. What error do you get when trying to install from the nbs folder?

I guess the problem was the version of nbdev I was using. After I started using nbdev from github repo, it worked.

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Is this for an earlier version of quarto?

I used the instructions from the quarto website (Quarto - Managing Extensions), but I had to cd into _proc and install it there for nbdev to find it.