How is p2.large instance charged?

If I start my p2.large instance and stop it and repeat this two times within 10 minutes, how will I be charged? Will be it 2X 0.9 cents or 0.9 cents only? I read through the costing part on AWS but still not clear about this part. Can someone explain me on this?


According to the AWS docs “Each time you transition an instance from stopped to started, we charge a full instance hour, even if transitions happen multiple times within a single hour.” I wasn’t aware of this until you asked the question - thanks for thoughtful question :slight_smile:


@jeremy Even I wasn’t aware of this, but after seeing my billing information , I had a doubt regarding this. Thanks for your immediate reply. I was stopping instance unknowingly thinking that it will save my cost but it didnt happen :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah I was definitely doing the same. Good to know. Thanks!