How does Jeremy make the most out of Excel for DL? Excel是否是深度学习的难得的好帮手?

这里的问答,源自fastai v3 中文版 的经典问答系列。

We all have seen the amazing demos Jeremy did in Lesson 4 on collaborative filtering with Excel. Just as Jeremy said, Excel help lay out data and operations and output all in front of you, we can use it to get to the bottom of things.

Nice! it is obviously a nice tool to have, as logically we can investigate every architecture in depth with Excel. It seems that Jeremy suggests that Excel is one of the best ways to experiment architectures and figure things out in detail, right?

If so, I really should invest money and time in Excel. In order to get a little more certainty, I have the following questions:

  • how often does Jeremy use excel? Jeremy 使用Excel的频率是怎样的
  • what Jeremy use Excel for the most? Jeremy 主要用Excel做什么
  • Does Jeremy see himself keep using Excel the future? Is Excel too good to be left outside of our toolbox for learning and research DL? Jeremy是否未来依旧会使用Excel

Thanks @jeremy

I use it every day.

I use it to see how algorithms behave when everything is all laid out in front of me. Basically the ways you see me use it in class.

I’ll certainly keep using it - I’ve been using spreadsheets for 30 years now and found them useful throughout that time!


Thanks a lot! I know what to do now!

Jeremy 每天都会使用Excel


Jeremy 会一直用下去的,毕竟在过往30年时间里,Excel一直都非常好用!