How can we cite or reference Fastai library in a paper?

Hi @jeremy,
hopefully you’re doing well !
The title is my question.
But I thought about using your recent paper on NLP even if I used fastai only for Computer Vision in the paper I’m writing.
Thank you so much.

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Are you wanting to cite the library?

Yes, excuse me I forgot to type it in the message.

Thanks for checking. You could use this:

  author={Howard, Jeremy and others},

Thank you so much. But now I’m wondering as I used techniques we saw in the course like differential learning rates and Test Time Augmentation for which we don’t have reference (or don’t know) so should I cite the course and if so how???
Thank you in advance.

I’ll admit, I didn’t search thoroughly about that. I apologize for that.
Now I think I got answers:

  1. Differential Learning rates: The reference is you or Practical Deep Learning for Coders, lesson 2 and after thorough search and I saw your tweet about Sebastian pointing out the name “sounds like some calculus thingie!”

  2. Test Time Augmentation: I’ve found the VGG architecture authors used it in their work and showed improvement so I assume I can refer their work: VGG paper

Please correct me if the above are not true.
Thank you.