Hosting nbdev docs on other places apart from GitHub Pages

So I am building an internal library using nbdev (which is so cool btw, developing projects this way feels natural), so the repo is private which also means we can’t have GitHub Pages until we upgrade to Teams.

I am looking for suggestions on other places where you have hosted the nbdev docs, (preferably private where the public cannot just stumble on it.) I was thinking AWS but I am currently lost on how to exactly implement that.

Thank you in advance for any pointers

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Did you manage to solve this?
I am trying to do the same here.

Thank you.

Hamel has a repo handling the same
I don’t remember the specific one but you can check his GitHub

Thank you.

Are you referring to these two:

I couldn’t make them work

Not really. It might have been a Tweet
I’ll try fetch it tomorrow

Finally, I managed to sift through my Twitter bookmarks, try and see if this will help with your situation -
The repo - GitHub - hamelsmu/oauth-tutorial: Like GitHub Pages, but you choose who can see it without usernames & passwords.

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