Homework assignments?

(Paul Yang) #1

I am going through lesson 1 for fall 2018: are there homework assignments for us to go through?


(Szymon Bielenica) #2

If Jeremy doesn’t specify what you should do, then my advice would be to just experiment with code and familiarize yourself with concepts presented in the lesson. Don’t worry too much, you don’t have to understand everything right away. You definitely should be doing your own projects!

Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:


(Mauricio) #4

I’ve taken a lot of courses and sometimes I got so stuck that I had to look for the solution on the internet. Sometimes it was so bad that solutions didn’t help at all. Later I found this site https://www.assignmentexpert.com/programming, they don’t just do your assignment, they also explain it to you. So maybe it will help you.