Higher Audio Quality?

(jl303) #1

First, thank you so much for everyone involved in creating such great mooc!
This might seem a trivial request, but I’m wondering if the videos could have better audio quality.
Jeremy’s speech sounds very watery with lots of artifacts. Especially english is not your first language, this makes it hard to understand and concentrate on the spoken words.
It could be because 1 the audio is encoded with very low audio codec setting, 2 too much noise reduction process is applied to the audio, or 3 the audio is recorded with a poor equipment. It could be combination of any.
If the low codec setting is the case, or too much noise reduction, then backing off noise reduction amount and encoding the original video with a higher audio codec setting would be a simple fix.
If poor equipment is the case, it would be great if the future videos could be recorded with better mic.
I’m not sure what equipment is being used currently but even an affordable wireless Lavalier Microphone System such as below would be a huge upgrade to how current videos sound now.

If you guys need help with this, I would be happy to help in any way I can. I’m an instructor teaching audio production in college.
Again, thank you so much for your great tutorials, and I hope this could help to make it even better.