Help with using the CLI exporter


I have recently been using nbdev to develop a library which you can find here: GitHub - tutankalex/python-schematized-config: schematized config for python which is concurrently published to pypi. It validates configuration (usually from .env, or os.environ) against a json schema.

I’m trying to expand the functionality for the CLI mode but am having trouble finding out how to export the executable.

The current nbdev_release output yields a package which can be invoked from the CLI using e.g.

python -m schematized_config.cli -h

and that corresponds to the help in e.g.

but how can I make the package install schematized-config as a binary into $VIRTUAL_ENV/bin, like how nbdev_* executables go there when you add the dependency? Is there a function or export directive for that?

I have followed the end-to-end walkthrough, checked the fastcore docs at fastcore - Script - CLI (which has a 404 on the “full details” link as of now), and also referred to, where I don’t see any clear hints as to how the nbdev_* executables are generated.

I would be grateful for any pointers.

Got it. The answer is to set the desired executable name in settings.ini under the console_scripts attribute. nbdev’s settings are here; the change I needed is a single line change here