Help with ssh to access server

Any Linux experts out there to help with an easy question?

My Salamander instance is not working and I’m going to destroy it. I want to ssh in to rescue my work and I’m having trouble. Salamander has a link to create keys but I find it’s not working for me (long wait, get an error, never creates the keys).

I am running Windows 10. I have installed Ubutntu and I have read countless tutorials.

I’ve used ssh-keygen to create a key in my home computer. Here is the file in the default directory .ssh:

I have logged into Salamander and opened a terminal there. I have taken the user ID and IP from the control panel:


I then attempted to use ssh-copy-id to place the public key from my home compter onto the Salamander terminal. I get a permission denied error, and it appears that it is because it lacks the public key:

Any help with what I am doing wrong? Is the another way to get the public key into the authorized_keys file? (I have read it can be done with a text editor but I don’t know how to do that in Linux).

Also, assuming I get it installed, I will have to login from the terminal to my home computer. What is the syntax that I enter into the terminal. Is it:

{user_name}@{home IP address}

Where user_name is the part before the ‘@’ symbol in my home Ubuntu terminal.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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