Help us test new video player

(Shubhajit Das) #9

Tested on Chrome, Ubuntu 18.04.
1.Search Transcript box and textbar need to be fixed (from Lesson 1 - Lesson 6)

  1. The same box missing in Lesson 7

Sorry, these are the known issues (overlooked it on top), except these everything looks good

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #10

The reason that lesson 4 and 7 search boxes are missing is that the Youtube transcripts for those lessons did not work for some reason. I’ve also tried submitting the files to Google and AWS speech APIs, and get garbage results in both cases. Not sure what’s going on with those files!..

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #11

The other issues mentioned here should be resolved now. Let me know if anything is still not working right for anyone.

(Shubhajit Das) #12 is redirected to and previous contents (part1 and part2 v2 and Machine Learning courses) are all gone!

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #13

They’re now at , which is the first thing that mentions.

(Shubhajit Das) #14

Thanks, actually Lesson Links are broken in this About the Part 2 & Alumni (2018) category
will edit this.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #15

Thanks that’s very helpful.

(Shubhajit Das) #16

update those, now working fine.

(Meysam) #17

Hi Jeremy,

Thank you so much for your awesome courses,

I want to start with deep learning, which course should I start with? the 2019 or 2018 version? the topic of their lessons seems to be different.

by the way, what happened for ml course? I just finished the lesson 7 and now the page is changed and there is no access to ml lessons.

Thank you

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #18

You should do the 2019 course.

The ML site is here:

(Aki Rehn) #19

On my Ubuntu 18.04 with Firefox the ‘Search transcript’ is bit annoyingly on top of the controls. However, I can manage with keyboard controls if it’s not the same for others.


EDIT: Ok. Switching to full-screen makes the problem go away.

(Zach) #20

hey @marcmuc , are you still seeing that horizontal overflow bug?

(Zach) #21

thanks for all the feedback! if you’re into design/front-end development, the video browser still needs a lot of love to make it a great experience across browsers/screen sizes – a good way to make some OSS contributions this year :slight_smile:

(Marc Rostock) #22

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, the new “hoverbox” fixes the overflow issue on both firefox and ipad/safari, so definitely improved. I really like the project, thanks again!!

two little things:
I have horizontal and vertical scrollbars on the full page, no matter what size the screen, so something is off with the sizing (firefox64.0 on ubuntu)
When scrolling the page within these confines, the “X” for closing the search result overlay remains frozen in position, so it hovers fixed related to the page/viewport, not to the overlay box.

(Marc Rostock) #23

ah, scrollbars are easy to fix, just give the search box a little more space from the bottom. It currently sits at 5px, on my screen from 12px onwards it is good (but this might depend on system font etc. so maybe just bump it to 20px or so.)

(Josh Varty) #24

I started off on the v2 course a couple days before you launched v3 and I have to say that the new player is a huge improvement. I was constantly shrinking/maximizing the YouTube player with the previous layout. This one is comfortably large enough to follow without having to maximize and cover up the written material.

(Pierre Guillou) #25

Hi. I do not see the transcript icon for lesson 4 (to display subtitles).

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #26

We don’t have a transcript for lessons 4 or 7 as yet - sorry!

Lesson 4 recorded voice issue in video

@rachel @zachcaceres @marcmuc The subtitles generated automatically by Google, not necessarily completely accurate, but can refer to it, I am willing to do the same thing for lesson7. I just don’t know how the subtitles will let everyone see it.What things I needed to do,sorry I don’t actually understand the “make a pull request to repo”,just new hand. Could you help me?


The subtitle problem I noticed has been resolved because Jeremy re-uploaded the video.

Lesson 4 recorded voice issue in video