Help to setup Enviorment

Hi… I am new to deep learning. please help me to setup the enviornment (softwares) to start learning. If it is already here then please let me know

Thank You

Hi Nidheesh, welcome and if you are totally new to this, Jeremy’s advice is to get your feet wet by starting with reading and running the fastbook notebooks either in the Kaggle or Google Colab environments as setting up a GPU enabled deep learning environment can be tricky and a distraction.

Google Colab is probably the path of least resistance.

All the best on your journey into the land of fastai !


Mike’s options are great! If you want another one, I also really like Gradient by Paperspace and found it both cheaper and faster to start, since it resembles more a normal machine.

If it’s ok to share, I create a very short video on the fastest way I know to get started:

This also includes access to the full FastAI book, so if you follow those steps and read through the notebooks in order, you’re on track :grinning:


Thank you mike :blush:

Thank you :blush:

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Thank you!

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