Help test gradient descent google sheet

I’ve got a working version of next lesson’s gradient descent spreadsheet on Google Sheets now (h/t @Moody for the summary sheet). Here it is:

There are macros mentioned on the summary page for running a few epochs. Please let me know if you have any trouble getting this to work. Currently the macros only work on the ‘basic sgd’ sheet.

If anyone wants to help get the macros working on the other sheets too, that would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:


@jeremy A silly quibble, but might speed things up for some people if you put a note in the instructions page – You need to save a copy before messing with the macros :slight_smile:

No problems with the basic sgd macros after that – they run fine. Pretty cool to see!

Done - thanks.

I am glad you are going to illustrate concepts using spreadsheet in the coming lesson. :blush:

Planning ahead. Here is the work around for collaborative filtering in Google Sheet. The free version for the add-on “solve” function is capped with 100 variables.


I think it would be clearer if the x and y’s in the optimiser sheets matched the x and y’s in the data sheet.