[Help Needed] Windows users. How to start using windows 10?

I have used Ubuntu as the only OS for the last 4 years. Now due to some circumstances, I have to shift to windows. Can someone tell me how to setup the coding environment on windows 10 (like is there something like apt install for windows that I can use to download all the packages)?

I will setup WSL2 also, but I think there is some performance drop when using WSL2 for training models (this may be solved in the future, but I want to setup windows 10 for now).

I am asking this question to the users who have used Windows as their operating system and can share what software they use to install things like git, gcc and more. Because in ubuntu we can do something like this apt install git gcc and then to upgrade the packages apt update && apt upgrade.

I have checked my Ubuntu workflow and all the things that I use regularly can be boiled down to git, vscode, jupyter, pip/conda, docker (these things are easy to setup after my above doubt is cleared).

Also, any additional tips are welcome.

UPDATE: I found Jeremy’s tweet about using chocolatey. https://twitter.com/jeremyphoward/status/1290856783456608262. I will explore this.

Hi Kushajveer

Aternatively use VMPlayer (which is free ) and then install ubuntu under VMPlayer. You can then SSH from windows to the virtual machine.

Regards Conwyn

The problem with vmware is loss of performance as training models is my only use.

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@kushaj why not dual-boot Linux?

https://scoop.sh/ is an alternative to chocolatey

Having really hard time with x570 MSI motherboard. Asked on other forums also and people also have similiar issues.

Thanks for the suggestion. Will look into this.

I still have ubuntu on laptop and the pc is only for 4 months. I think it will be a few days inconvenience to setup fastai, openblas related software.