Help needed in solving out interesting problems in computer vision

Hi All,

I am trying to detect the speed of a moving vehicle by looking at the video. By any chance anywhere here is aware of how to approach this type of problem. This isn’t the problem where we are looking at the dash cam footage and calculating the speed but some sort of a general problem where by just looking at the Traffic CCTV feeds we can calculate the speed of a car.

Apart from this i am right now working on reducing the turnaround time of a vehicle in a parking lot through the CCTV footage. Something like I want to detect out various events from a single CCTV camera pointing towards the area where the car is being parked.

  1. Timestamp when car was first visible in the camera.
  2. Timestamp when car become stationary.
    3.Timestamp till the door of the car was opened.
    4.Car Headlight on till what time i.e the time-frame which will account for detecting out till what time car was on .

Any-help in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.