Help needed for choosing license

I have read Github help docs that explains the different licenses. But still I am not understanding what license to use for my github projects. I have been using MIT License and sometimes I use Apache 2.0. Can someone help with this?

I have come across this text

  • Do you want your project to be used as a dependency by other projects? Probably best to use the most popular license in your relevant community. For example, MIT is the most popular license for npm libraries.
  • Do you want your project to appeal to large businesses? A large business will likely want an express patent license from all contributors. In this case, Apache 2.0 has you (and them) covered.
  • Do you want your project to appeal to contributors who do not want their contributions to be used in closed source software? GPLv3 or (if they also do not wish to contribute to closed source services) AGPLv3 will go over well.

It just confused me a bit. So if I do an implementation of some paper, which license should I use. I use MIT as my default.

Iā€™d suggest using Apache 2.0.

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Ok, thanks