Help me to create classes

i have a rugby vs football classifier(that’s the name of the folder) and in it it has 62 total images of both the sport. Now i am trying to classify those images and this appears if I follow the same method as shown in the first lecture

some 50 classes are created… i have named the images as football_1 to football_32 and similar for rugby. how do i solve this issue i mean there should only be two classes.
NOTE - i dont have a annotation file/folder (if it has something to do with it)

Hey Ritz - If you can share your code we can help more.

It seems like you are getting the file names and those are being assigned the class. I think what you will want to change, is to get the file name - get the first 5 characters of the file name, and assign that to the class. Basically you want a subset of the filename as the class and not the whole file name. Ideally you would use regex to get everything before the ‘_’, but I would start with trying to get the first 5 characters as the class name so you have ‘rugby’ and ‘footb’. Part of the second class’ name is cut off, but that won’t make a difference to your predictions.

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I will try renaming and some other things that are in my mind after reading your reply … if I am not successful then I’ll share the code…