Hello im a fast.ai student and im currently doing a kaggle competition UBC Ovarian Cancer Subtype Classification and Outlier Detection (UBC-OCEAN)

The metrics used for the competition is balanced accuracy and im getting an error when im using fastai balanced accuracy
TypeError: Exception occured in Recorder when calling event after_batch:
unsupported operand type(s) for *: ‘AccumMetric’ and ‘int’

can someon please help

Please show your code

learn = vision_learner(dls,‘resnet26d’,metrics=BalancedAccuracy).to_fp16()

Not sure but shouldn’t this be BalancedAccuracy() with the brackets instead ?

i tried but it still not working when i use other metrics like accuracy or error_rate it works

I would like to team up with you @Michael_bb for this competition. Feel free to email me at Kamalmohapy@gmail.com

Put brackets for it to work. Doing it this way BalancedAccuracy() works for me.

If the issue persists, paste the error you’re getting on here.

alright cool

Thanks it works

Thank you it works

That’s awesome @Michael_bb . Would you like us to team up for this competition and hopefully kill it

that will be great