Heard the part 2 will be open in Feb 27 ,can we attend it online

I wonder if we an access the materials of course 2 when it’s available in feb27 for free.

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I am thinking about the same question. I only just started part 1, but I am so amazed that in the first lesson my sample data reached 98% accuracy after only 15 epoch. I can’t wait to see what I do with generative models in part 2. is there a way that we can participate online? if not free, what are the options?

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There was an online cohort during Part 1 however I do believe they had to pay for admission. The reason being that they had Jeremy teaching them directly, answering questions during the lecture, etc. If cost is of concern, I recommend applying for the diversity fellowship.

To apply for the fellowship send a mail to info@fast.ai with your cv and letter, its free!

Hi there,

I’ve had an awesome time watching the first part of the course and can’t wait for the second part to be released.

I’m living in France so I believe I won’t be able to attend the lives (I think it’s deep in the night for me :p). But can you tell me if it’ll be possible to have a replay ? The day after or maybe the release will be later ?