Having trouble with lesson 2, V3

EDIT/UPDATE: the problem was in the ‘path’ i was directing. I needed to create a file directly in the dl1 part of my gradient-notebook (not in the ‘lobby’ of the notebook where you can click on coarse-v3/nbs, etc, but the actual dl1 page where all the notebooks are listed in order. By dropping my files directly into the folder that was created i was able to download. Anyone who gets hung up there may benefit from this thread:

Hi everyone, first post here so im not sure if this is the right thread. I have been running into this error when trying to create a path and download two sets of urls from .csv files that I uploaded into my gradient account. I believe that I set up the files/folders correctly, but maybe there is a mistake. Here are two pictures:

Has anyone else encountered this problem?



OB1KN Hope all is well!

Your path statement should be showing PosixPath('data/paint/Mod.csv') as well.

The first error tells you that it can’t find Mod.csv.
Make sure this file shows up in the path statement before running any further commands.

Hope this helps

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